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Information Backup Systems

If you had to stop and think for a second, it isn't.

Do you depend on your webserver host, whom you have never met, to backup your files? Do you have local copies of your sensitive data backed up and on hand in your office should the worse case scenario happen? Do you keep copies of your information in a secure location that is protected from fire and acts of God? Is your information kept off-site in a secure place should something happen?

These are some pretty "creepy" questions to ask. Most owners and managers of businesses get a sick feeling in the pit of their stomachs if they are forced to think about backup systems and whether or not they are really protected against data loss.

Let us design a custom backup system for your information. We can address your needs and install equipment that will automatically keep your years of accumulated data intact. We can schedule backups for any frequency you desire. Once a day to 100 times a day, it really is up to you.

How long would it take to rebuild your infrastructure and data from scratch? Probably more time than you would ever want to think about and even then you would lose 1,000's of files that can never in a million years be recovered.

You know the right thing to do, address this problem today so you can sleep well tonight.


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