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Education and Advanced Computer Training

Do you need someone with certifications? Most Certainly
That is the #1 thing clients look for when selecting a computer consultant or a networking engineer. You don't want someone tinkering with your system that doesn't have experience. We have experience and the certifications to prove it.

Certifications: Each of these certifications represents hundreds of hours of training and testing in advanced specific disciplines. In other words, "Not just anyone can get these." We are quite proud of our advanced education that enables us to serve our clients in the best manner possible.

bulletMCSE      (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

MCP        (Microsoft Certified Professional)


MCDBA    (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)


CCA         (Citrix Certified Administrator)


CNA         (Certified Novell Administrator)


SLXEC      (SalesLogix Enterprise Certification)


SLXWE     (SalesLogix Web Engineer)

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