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Complete 24/7 Disaster Recovery

Take this scenario: It is late Friday afternoon and everyone is preparing for a nice weekend with their families. Work is winding down and everyone is closing their open files. All of a sudden nothing works! What do you do? Run to the yellow pages and find someone to fix your problem that tells you they have nobody available until next Tuesday? Try and fix it yourself? All of a sudden your weekend turns into a nightmare.

God forbid it ever happen, but sooner or later we all have unexpected emergencies come out of the blue that cause our business to come to a grinding halt.

One of the first things they teach in business management class is to expect at least 1 "Out of the blue" crisis every month. It's inevitable, Murphy's Law is alive and well and it happens millions of times a day across the USA.

How would you like to remove the unforeseen element of a systems crash from crippling your company?

Having us on contract is your security blanket against disaster. We will already know your system inside and out. In most cases we can probably talk you through the problem over the phone, or remotely repair your situation in a few minutes and then things will be back to normal.

Invite us to come over to your business before emergencies happen and give us the cooks tour. Chances are you will want a very reasonable service contract that you can weave into your annual budget. It will be your insurance policy against disaster and the fallout of a crippled business.


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