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Computer Networking Installation and Service

Is your office networking system a cobbled up mess? Do you have several office machines that are stand alone units that you would like to link together for common file sharing, printing and security protection with a central firewall or virus scanning program?

bulletHow many times have you read about XYZ company leaving thousands of sensitive accounts open and available to the general public? The situations that make the news are when credit card numbers and account information is disclosed. How about the cases that don't make the news where XYZ company has all of their client and contact information available to anyone without being aware of it?

If you are the owner, office administrator or the manager of the data systems in your organization you NEED to know what is going on at all levels of your business. Do you really want Tom surfing the internet half of the day looking for new golf clubs while he is pretending to be working? Does he really need access to the internet? Does he need access to your sensitive files? What if Tom accidentally picks up a Trojan virus program while surfing the web that secretly infects all of the other machines in your office? You need to limit access to computer resources on a need to know basis.

Without even realizing your system was compromised Tom could have left the floodgate open for some hackers or corporate raiders to gain access to your entire mailing lists or even worse more sensitive data such as credit files, card numbers, names and addresses.

We can install and maintain an office networking system you can trust implicitly. You can limit the levels of access to individual employees and monitor their activities with password protected computers. Not as a purely voyeuristic whim, but as a valid and necessary reason to protect and preserve your companies sensitive, personally identifiable files and data. You NEED to know what is going on in your company.

You can be liable for a hefty lawsuit if you don't take reasonable and prudent levels of precaution to protect your personally identifiable data from theft. Yes, you could probably hire a lawyer to get you out of hot water. Of course you will be in and out of court a year, but the bad publicity generated would be far worse. If a computer networking or security professional came and reviewed your office's computer system for leakage would he say you were using reasonable levels of protection? If you are not sure, then as they say; "Houston, we have a problem."

bulletDo you have corporate level rated firewalls and virus protection? Are you aware that a "Sniffer Program" can be secretly installed on your system and it will monitor all of your web traffic including outgoing and incoming email?

How about the employee who is secretly downloading CD's and pictures while he is working and has installed a file sharing program on his PC that allows anyone in the world to access his hard drive files with a few stealth manipulations? Do you have employees that use chat programs while they are working like ICQ or Yahoo Messenger? Do you know that those programs have file sharing transfer programs? A disgruntled employee could be transferring your sensitive files or corporate strategies to anyone. You need to have a standard hierarchy plan. You can authorize who gets what levels of access to computer files in your organization. Just issuing an interoffice memo won't keep it from happening. You need to keep it from happening with a controlled networking environment with user permissions.

bulletAre there any secret "Backdoors" installed on your system? Let's not even think about unscrupulous employees that can install secret portals or "Backdoors" for their own job security. With these cracks in your system they can wreak havoc if they get fired by accessing your system without you even suspecting it from the local library and make your business come to a grinding halt. No one will be the wiser and you may even be in a terrible bind and wind up calling the employee you recently fired to come and fix the problems he created. That is a very standard thing for unethical people to do who have some advanced computer knowledge.

Do you really know if your networking system meets acceptable levels of protection and optimization? Just because your data manager says so doesn't mean it is true. Why not get an independent 3rd party analysis so you know for sure if your data manager is not just pretending he has everything totally under wraps.

bulletNow comes a very tough subject to address. We almost hate to even suggest it. But, it needs addressing. This doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen and the tell-tale signs are easy to read. What about the employee who purposefully causes a problem in order to justify his job? Nobody is any wiser. They just know the system is down. They all run to Bob and tell him that nobody can print out anything. Bob spends 30 minutes, fixes the problem he created and winds up looking like a hero. Does your system go on the fritz more than you think it should? That is the tell-tale sign. A properly installed networking system NEVER goes bad after it has been set up and tested. The reliability factor on today's networking systems is 99.9% and if something goes wrong in virtually all cases someone has messed with the settings.

With us as your contract networking manager we can remotely administer your network or set up new machines with the proper access levels on location. You can eliminate a full time paid position with benefits. Contracting out positions is a very cost effective way to do business.

Allow us to build you a locked-down tight system which limits access to only those individuals with a need, or right to know certain things. We can tighten up your security, make all your machines work together at the proper access levels to get your business' work done more efficiently and with exacting precision.

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