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Computer Repair and Service

Does your computer system have a mind of its own? Do you feel sometimes that your machines have personalities? You are not alone my friend. Most of us spend between 10 and 40 hours a week linked to machines with a keyboard and a cup of coffee or a soft drink. Have you been living with a few kinks and bugs in your machines that you just work around? Do you sit hunched over your PC like a mad buzzard plugging away despite constant annoyances? Have you created more problems by trying to fix the problems you already have?

Let us drop by and have a man to man talk with your machine. We understand computers. We know computer reverse psychology. We are experts at coaxing the problems out of the doggone machines and making them happy campers.

If we find out that there just isn't any hope for your machine we will tell you rather than rack up a huge service charge. we can procure new equipment at costs that are very competitive. Sometimes the problems are just due to dated technology. Maybe a new card here or a better program there will work too. We can sit down and in a few minutes get a feel for what is wrong and take care of it. We has done it over and over again for years.

Why not take advantage of our experience? Give us a call at (616) 826-3212 or email us.


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