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Have your own webserver

Benefits of having your own webserver:

bulletImproved productivity by not sharing time with other websites and hosts.
bulletRun only the programs you need for your company.
bulletA higher level of security as there are no third-party control issues to wonder about.
bulletNo exorbitant bandwidth fees for exceeding allotted limits.
bulletNot having to worry if you can contact the people who are running the server you are renting space on.
bulletKnowing you are running a 100% compatible and up to date system that isn't old equipment prone to failure.

We install and maintain servers for all commercial, governmental and educational purposes. If your organization needs total control of your environment, and does not want to depend on an outside source to manage your data, you need a webserver. Having your own webserver eliminates the possibility of having downtime that is outside of your control. Having your own webserver puts you in the drivers seat and allows you to customize a webserver to your applications and not have to capitulate to the framework of an outside host. We can put you in charge of what you want, and keep you in a closed loop with a system that is less likely to crash or have third-party control issues and security leaks. You will not have to hope and pray that you can contact your server host company if something happens. We will be there for you 365 days a year by just picking up a phone and calling us.


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